Interview with Zenaida on 702 regarding Minister Angie Motsoega’s announcement regarding 200 girl pregnancies between grade 3 – 5

A discussion about poverty & inequality: what does a life of dignity means to the poor?

In today’s episode, we ask if the national minimum wage is a silver bullet, which will help reduce the inequality gap and poverty and support economic growth. Studies show that countries which have introduced the national minimum wage, experience sustainable levels of economic growth.

To help us unpack the national minimum wage question we are joined by Isabel Frye, the director of the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute.

We also speak to Cosatu’s Sizwe Pamla on COSATU’s stance on the latest development around the national minimum wage.

” Listen to a brief explanation of what a National Minimum Wage is intended to achieve, then  Sign Up, and support the cause for a decent life for all on “



Mobilising Communities to Realise a National Minimum Wage

Listen to Dr Stephanie Luce’s interview on PowerFM98.7 with Lawrence Thlabane and Ayanda Allie Paine about how to mobilise communities to realise a National Minimum Wage. Click here to listen

National minimum wage could stimulate the economy

26 July 2016

With South Africa’s unemployment rate sitting at over 25%, the question of whether a National Minimum Wage would solve the issue remains debatable.

The issue of a national minimum wage has remained a talking point among labour unions, opposition parties and the governing African National Congress.

702’s John Robbie spoke to Professor of Labour Studies at the City University of New York, Stephanie Luce, regarding the matter.

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Securing a minimum wage: lessons from the US

It could significantly reduce poverty and inequality and boost South Africa’s GDP – Dr Stephanie Luce, City University of New York.

The debate on national minimum wages in South Africa

Last week in a twitter debate, former Reserve Bank governor, Tito Mboweni, said that no worker in South Africa should earn less than R3,000 per month.

He called for sectoral minimum wages to be enforced as opposed to a single minimum wage across the board as is being proposed by the government.

He said that instead of a minimum wage in South Africa we need a set of minimum wages.

Isobel Frye, director of the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute says that we need to be clear on the distinction between a National Minimum Wage and a Living Wage.

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African Dialogue, 3 Mar South African Economy

South Africa has been experiencing disappointing economic growth last year, with an economy which only expanded 0.6 percent in the final quarter. In the last few weeks, Credit rating agenneis have said the country is at risk of a downgrade into a credit rating of junk status. The rand nevertheless rose 1 percent against the dollar, tracking other emerging market currencies higher as uncertainty over the pace of further U.S. interest rate hikes tempers the dollar’s momentum. To assist us on this subject: SPII Director Isobel Frye studio. She is currently heading the Decent Living Level Project at the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute. Annabel Bishop, Chief Economist at Investec,

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702 Interview with Busiso of Studies in Poverty in Inequality Institute (SPII)

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