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SPII Talk Newsletter, 1st Quarter, April 2016

The first quarter of this year has been quite eventful mounting scrutiny of the executive in the Constitutional Court, as well as increasing concerns raised about possible cuts in state spending due to dampened economic growth – consequently, Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute has been just as robust in its advocacy for social justice.

SPII TALK NEWSLETTER – 4th Quarter December 2015

In the mid – 2000s, former President Thabo Mbeki launched some very public and critical attacks against civil society and the trade union federation, Congress Of South African Trade Union (COSATU), in particular, for
representing an anti-democratic, ‘ultra-left’ tendency, which was, he warned, contrary to the values of the liberation movem

SPII Talk Volume 21- 3rd Quarter August 2015

Following from SPII’s policy review, budget analysis and development of indicators for the rights to health care, social security, housing and food, SPII is currently in the process of completing a report which monitors and evaluates the realisation of the Right to Basic Education in South Africa 21 years into democracy.

SPII Talk Newsletter, July 2014

Poverty, unemployment and growing inequality remain South Africa’s greatest challenges in undoing the legacy of Apartheid. The “triple challenge” has revealed itself increasingly in ongoing protest and strike action. This unrest is significant in that those without work and workers who bear the economic and social burden of the unemployed are taking to the streets.

SPII Talk Newsletter VOLUME 16: 4th QUARTER • NOV 2013

The status of an ‘official’ poverty line is unclear. Statistics South Africa has been using three poverty lines since 2009; however, the process for formally adopting these at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) imploded due to an inability for the four constituencies to reach consensus on what it was that needed to be measured and tracked.

SPII Talk Volume 15, 3rd Quarter August 2013

The preamble to the South African Competition Act, No 89 of 1998 (“the Act”) stipulates that the economy “must be open to greater ownership by a greater number of South Africans” and that a development-focused competitive environment which balances the interests of workers, owners and consumers will benefit all South Africans.

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